Wee -- Phoenix, Arizona

"Wee" is my name. Partly because my owner said I was just wee bit when I was born. (About 3-4 inches) What do you expect for being a mini dachshund. I was the runt of 6 siblings. I was the smallest of the bunch and since everyone was so much larger and stronger than me I had to be bottle fed. By the time I was 8 weeks old it had been decided to be given to my new owner for her birthday. I was about the size of a beanie baby tiger, with the attitude to match. I am 2 1/2; years old now. I have 2 other companions that live with me. One is a brother from a different litter, but same parents. The other is an OLD cairn terrier. (Look for them to be coming soon as future POTM).

January 16, 2007 17:00