The Gang - Valley Center, CA

We have had our Hale Dog Door for the past 15 years for our rescued dogs.  As you can see, it gets a lot of use 24/7 with "Our Gang". Living in the country means The Gang needs to be able to run outside whenever their hearts and paws desire...or come inside to lounge and cuddle with us.  This dog door only now needs new flaps!  The first thing we will put into our new home when we move will be a new Hale Dog Door.  I would figure our dog door has had dogs coming in and out of it at least a trilion times over the years!!!! Our largest dog was a Great Dane and the smallest are the mini schnauzers.  All size and ages of dogs can easily navigate the door.  Thanks for making such a wonderfully built product that has enabled our companion to enjoy life to the fullest.

Mike and Laura R. and "The Gang" of mini, standard and giant Schnauzers, Standard Poole and a  Queensland Heeler (not in photo)

July 28, 2010 00:00